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I need a common (generic?) Interface JsonModel for the class "Processor" to handle JsonModel derived classes. Why the code below does not work?

trait JsonModel
case class LoginInfo(userid: Int, email: String, password: String) extends JsonModel
class Processor(command: String, content: String) {

  def makeLoginInfo : JsonModel = content.asJson.convertTo[LoginInfo]//Spray library

  def process = {
   command match {
     case "logininfo" => makeLoginInfo
     case _ => throw new IllegalArgumentException("Unknow command")//TODO: Replace to log
def addUser(content: String) = {val loginInfo : LoginInfo = new Processor("logininfo", content).process}

The error message is:

type mismatch;
found   : JsonModel
required: LoginInfo
   val loginInfo : LoginInfo = new Processor("logininfo", content).process
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You are trying to implicitly cast from the base class JsonModel to the derived class LoginInfo. Take a match to cast the JsonModel to LoginInfo.

val loginInfo: Option[LoginInfo] = new Processor("logininfo", command).process match {
    case l: LoginInfo => Some(l)
    case _ => None

If you use Option[LoginInfo] then also gain the use of Scala's idomatic error handling. Otherwise you can still use null.

To access members in an error-safe way, you should use the monad functions. (These will also work in for-comprehension.)

option map { _.data_value } getOrElse fallback_value

// OR... for particularly long operations
(for (inner <- option) yield inner.data_value) getOrElse fallback_value

Alternatively, you could make makeLoginInfo return a LoginInfo; however, once you add other elements derived from JsonModel to the return list of process, you will once again encounter this issue.


Another possibility is to use a NoLoginInfo object.

class NoLoginInfo(u: Int, e: String, p: String) extends LoginInfo(u, e, p) {
    // Override and Pretend Functionality
val loginInfo: LoginInfo = new Processor("logininfo", command).process match {
    case l: LoginInfo => l
    case _ => new NoLoginInfo("not a user", "not an email", "not a password")
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If i will use Oprtion[LoginInfo] and match, how i can convert loginInfo: Option[LoginInfo] to pure LoginInfo for accessing fields and methods of LoginInfo class e.g. loginInfo.email shows me error "Cannot resolve symbol email"? –  OZKA Feb 7 '14 at 8:11
You should use foreach or map and the getOrElse: loginInfo map {_.email} getOrElse "<no-email>". Another option is to make a class NoLoginInfo that extends and pretends to be LoginInfo and instead of Option[LoginInfo], you can just use LoginInfo and return l or a new NoLoginInfo. –  hsun324 Feb 7 '14 at 8:12
Thanks for your tips @hsun324 ! I thought about it and decided that my original idea is a bad design. –  OZKA Feb 7 '14 at 16:54

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