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I want to make an application, where in one activity I can play Video Streaming via video-view, show information via web-view, and chatting, I have succeed to make the video streaming using video view, and show information but when I add the chat in that activity, the chat isn't worked when try to log in using port 5222, and host (in log cat there is some error message, one of error is :

can't connect to `` request time out)

Is that because the connection problem only or, it must be another method to use gtalk and that xmppp port in my application ?

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show your xmpp configuration parameter please. – Waqar Ahmed Feb 7 '14 at 9:02
ConnectionConfiguration connConfig = new ConnectionConfiguration(HOST, PORT, SERVICE); XMPPConnection connection = new XMPPConnection(connConfig); =============================================== Declaration : public static final String HOST = ""; public static final int PORT = 5222; public static final String SERVICE = ""; – Redturbo Feb 7 '14 at 10:45

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