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I have made a canvas and added different objects to it such as images, clipart and text. When I take snap of the canvas when it contains only text, using the method canvas.toDataURL(), it gives me the correct snap. But when I add an image to the canvas, it will return a blank page.

My code is as follows:


    var img = drawCanvas.toDataURL("png");
    $("#previewPopUp").append("<img src='"+ img +"'/>");

I am using fabricjs. Can anybody tell how to take a snap of a canvas when it contains a image?

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possible duplicate of Canvas tainted by cross-origin data –  Philipp Feb 7 at 8:36
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The likeliest reason why it doesn't work is because you are loading the image from a different domain than where your HTML is hosted. As soon as you do that, the canvas gets "tainted by cross-origin data" and certain functions which allow to read the canvas content become unavailable.

This is a security feature to prevent web developers from accessing images only the user is allowed to access.

As a workaround, copy the image to the same domain or, when you control the domain the image is loaded from, whitelist the domain with your HTML by enabling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing in the settings of the webserver.

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Is there any other way of taking canvas snapshot....? –  Shaun Feb 7 at 9:35
@Shaun not when you have cross-origin data on the canvas (and when there is, it's a security vulnerability which should be fixed by the developers of the web browser) –  Philipp Feb 7 at 9:37
Philipp @ thanks for your valuable answer. –  Shaun Feb 18 at 12:18
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