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I want to bind some properties from my code-behind .xaml.cs to some xaml-code, just like this:

<TextBlock [someProperties] ... Text="{Binding ElementName=awesome, Path=value}" />
<TextBlock [someProperties] ... Text="{Binding Path=legendary}" />

In the associated .xaml.cs file I have the property:

public String legendary = "High five";
public CoolObject awesome = new CoolObject(); //has a public property "String value = '5';"

But my TextBlocks just don't want to show that damn "High five" and "5". What am I missing?

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And <TextBlock [someProperties] ... Text="{Binding ElementName=awesome, Path=value}" /> will not work. ElementName is used, when you want to bind to some elemnt's in visual tree property. You need

<TextBlock [someProperties] ... Text="{Binding Path=awesome.value}" />

Also you need to set TextBlock's DataContext property to bject that contains properties you need to bind.

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Thanks, setting the DataContext plus setting the properties as properties, not fields, did it. YAY! – Thomas Jan 29 '10 at 14:35
you are welcome – Yurec Jan 29 '10 at 15:01

The problem is that "legendary" and "awesome" are declared as fields not properties. WPF binding will not work with fields.

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You'll need to wrap your fields with properties. Binding doesn't support fields.


public String _legendary = "High five";
public String legendary {
    get { return _legendary; }
    set { _legendary = value; }

Also, if you might want to look into implementing INotifyPropertyChanged to make sure whatever you're binding to your property gets updated when you change the value of the property.

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Still doesn't work.. have declared legendary as follow, just to try: public String legendary { get { return "High Five";} set {} } – Thomas Jan 29 '10 at 14:03

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