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I am trying to add a calculated column.

I have a date column containing the date a meeting is scheduled. From this column I need a code which can return if the meeting is scheduled in Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4. I have a static code looking like this:

'=IF(Date<40269;"Q1";"Q2-4")'   (40269 is the 1. April 2010 and Date=date-column)

But I need somekind of dynamic code which can calculate the same thing next year as well, without someone having to change the number(40269). I need something like this:


But Sharepoint will not accept a date written like this 01-01-2010, it needs to be a number eg. 40269. The above code will only work correct for the present year, but thats all-right, since I will only use data from the present year.

Can anyone help me?

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Ahhhh... It was easier than I had anticipated. I used this function:


Date is a column containing the date of the meetings. month() returns the number of the month. E.g., march=3.

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