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I am trying to update the jclouds libs we use from version 1.5 to 1.7.

We access the api the following way:

private RestContext<CommonSwiftClient, CommonSwiftAsyncClient> swift;
BlobStoreContext context = ContextBuilder.newBuilder(PROVIDER)
.credentials(username, apiKey)

swift = context.unwrap();

RestContext is deprecated since 1.6.

I tried to get it working this way:

ContextBuilder contextBuilder = ContextBuilder.newBuilder(rackspaceProvider)
.credentials(rackspaceUsername, rackspaceApiKey);
rackspaceApi = contextBuilder.buildApi(CloudFilesClient.class);

At runtime, uploading a file i get the following error:


The examples in the jclouds github project seem to use the deprecated approach (Links mentioned above).

Any ideas how to solve this? Any alternatives?

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Does the container that you're uploading into exist? The putObject method doesn't automatically create the container that you name if it doesn't exist; you need to call createContainer explicitly to create it, first.

Here's an example that creates a container and uploads a file into it:

CloudFilesClient client = ContextBuilder.newBuilder("cloudfiles-us")
    .credentials(USERNAME, APIKEY)


SwiftObject object = client.newSwiftObject();
object.setPayload("file or bytearray or something else here");
client.putObject("sample", object);

// ...


You're right that the examples in jclouds-examples still reference RestClient, but you should be able to translate to the new style by substituting your rackspaceApi object where they call swift.getApi().

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Thanks a lot! The container exists - I forgot to mention that. When I created a new container it worked perfect. I still get the ContainerNotFoundException if I try to access the existing container. – Robert Stöttner Feb 13 '14 at 14:26

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