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I have a little app that has been under development for some time. My friends and I have been working really hard on this and are near release of the beta version.

I want to give some demos using iPhone and iPad to look cool :p

Now my problem is how to handle:

  • Mouse Down
  • Mouse Up
  • Mouse Leave

The multitouch interface of the iPhone (which I expect is similar to the iPad) handles mouse move on a browser has a scrolling event. One could try to capture the scrolling event and use it to simulate the dragging but I don't even know if it will be doable or if it will only be a hack.

Any one knows of a more robust manner to manage dragging events on the iphone/ipad?

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Apple's Developer pages have a lot of good info on handling just these types of issues.

Handling Events

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Your link is broken good sir. – Jergason Feb 4 '10 at 22:58
fixed it....... – kubi Feb 5 '10 at 0:11

I was having the same problem and I realized that in the short time-span I had, developing codes to handle raw mouse (down, move and up) events would take time. So, I went ahead and modified the ThreeDumsMedia jQuery.event.drag plugin to make it to work on iPhone.

Get the jQuery.event.drag from and the 'drag' event would work just fine on iOS devices.

let me know if this helped.

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Try this :

jquery.event.drag - v 2.2 Three Dub Media -

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If you are using jQuery, then use jquery.ui.mouse.touch.js with jquery UI 1.9.

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