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I'm trying to 'mount' multiple file directories at given paths on the fly (ie: not permanent) so that I can access them through web, ie : /mysite.com/css/includes/my.css where css is such virtual folder.

There are many PHP proxy scripts around but nothing really proper to archive this. Thank you.

Update : I can't use symlinks or any http-server features like mod_rewrite for a number of reasons. It must work on any host and OS and http-server and PHP version.

In Java we've a nice library called http://j2ep.sourceforge.net/docs/api/net/sf/j2ep/package-summary.html which also allows to mount remote sites at a given path. I guess I'll need to go the hard way and implement j2ep for PHP then.


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Ever heard of symbolic links? –  nileshgr Feb 7 at 10:05
You cannot do that with PHP only because those URLs don't know about your PHP script so it must fall to the web server to rewrite them. –  Jon Feb 7 at 10:05
Or mod_rewrite if you want to 'dynamically' script the paths? –  AeroX Feb 7 at 10:06
php.net/symlink –  Scuzzy Feb 7 at 10:07
@mc007 PHP is a file handler. When a script is determined by the Webserver to be a PHP Script it is then handed over to PHP to be interpreted. What your asking for would require some server configuration (either symbolic links/mod_rewrite/etc) it's not possible in just PHP. Maybe you should target one HTTP server or make different install scripts for each one you wish to target. –  AeroX Feb 7 at 11:03

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I understand the 'PHP is a file File-Handler' problem but nevertheless, theres is still need for this functionality, at least close to what has been described in the question.

We've implemented this now as 'VFS', enabling to build 'virtual' directories from a configuration file. Yet, it still needs an entry point, and calls need a 'mount point' and a 'relative path'.

You can find a working and fully tested implementation of this in 'xappcommander', a sort of filemanager but more 'IDE' oriented. It works also with AMD/requireJS based clients which may need 'custom' packages.

Check the Doxy-Docs

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