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If I want to make an index that produces suggestions with the following possibilities



Category + feature

CategorySynonyms + feature

Do I have to first select all Categories and make documents from all of them. Then select all CategorySynonyms and make documents from them. Them select All categories joined with feature and make documents from them And then all CategorySynonyms joined with feature and then make documents form them.

Or is there a way to index Category one time, CategorySynonyms and Feature one time with out repeating in documents multiple times?

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can you explain a bit more on what method you are actually using for indexing? –  Maurizio In denmark Feb 7 at 15:32
Im using dataimporthandler, so its sql-queries in solr-entities that generates the documents. –  MikeAlike234 Feb 8 at 13:06
Can you post your schemal.xml? –  heinob Feb 9 at 7:36
The schema just contains field types, i have not tryed to solve the solution yet, i need to know if this approach is viable first and how to implement the design. –  MikeAlike234 Feb 10 at 18:26

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