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i'm using quack mode with mzscheme, is there a way to send(evaluate) the whole toplevel contents to the REPL window? i checked the key bindings but i don't see any commands for this, there are options only for sending last sexp, last definition etc.

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C-c C-r - scheme-send-region, but sometimes it more handy to use C-x C-e to evaluate expression before point... These functions are defined in cmuscheme.el, that should be loaded from quack.

You can look to my article about working with Scheme from Emacs

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thanks for the link, i'm checking it out now. is it possible to evaluate without highlighting the region, like the slime option slime-eval-buffer? – jack the lesser Jan 29 '10 at 15:01
Yes, there are lot of eval command, that should be available from Scheme menu in Emacs - you can see the keybindings for them there... To evaluate whole file it's better to use C-c C-l, that will load file into scheme interpreter – Alex Ott Jan 30 '10 at 9:54

There is the binding C-c C-l which is bound to 'scheme-load-file, which will allow you to load the file for the current buffer.

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