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Where am i going wrong. I just want to check if the fragment with the given ProductId is already available in the BackStack;

If yes than dont add the new Fragment otherwise add the current fragment to the backstack.

public void showThisFragment(Fragment newFragment,int productId){
    FragmentManager fragmentManager = getSupportFragmentManager();
    FragmentTransaction fragmentTransaction = fragmentManager.beginTransaction();
    fragmentTransaction.replace(R.id.am_fragment_holder, newFragment);
        //TODO fragment already present
        //So dont add to the back stack

please help!

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You have to add the fragment to the backstack with a key, which is different than adding a fragment with a key in the first place. Or you can lookup the key by searching the backstack directly. There's a good writeup here. –  NameSpace Feb 7 at 11:27
I cannot add it using the key.., in my case tags is what i have. Can you help me with some changes in my present code. –  username_AB Feb 7 at 12:13

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There is no tag added to replaced fragment. You should use three argument replace method. I did not test it so tell me if I am right.

fragmentTransaction.replace(R.id.am_fragment_holder, newFragment, String.valueOf(productId));
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Not helping... Getting unexpected output... –  username_AB Feb 7 at 12:11
Ok. I will compile your code then. Stay tuned. –  myCode Feb 7 at 13:37

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