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I am binding a DataTable to a DataGrid(WPF toolkit) for add, edit and delete. I am able to use tab keys to navigate through the cells from top to bottom. But as soon as I press tab on last rows' last column, it is not taking the cursor to the first cell of new row. How can I achieve this?


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Is this sorted out by any way? Can you please share your experience on this? I'm also facing same problem. –  Gopinath May 4 '10 at 9:25

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Have you tried KeyboardNavigation.TabNavigation="Cycle"?

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I would try a keydown event that checks for the tab key and checks to see if it is the last column # if so it would go to the first column in the next row.

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Please check this:

A datagrid has a property CanUserAddRows. Set in to true:


The mode of databinding should be TwoWay:

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