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i've been trying to run a software where i've built the UI by Glade. Glade then transform the UI in an XML file, and then in Python i just load that file.

But i've a problem with (maybe) deprecated properties of gtk objects. This is what the interpreter says:

 Unknown property: GtkScrolledWindow.min-content-width
/home/jimmy/Documenti/linguaggi_dinamici/progetto/collega_GUI.py:37: GtkWarning: Unknown property: GtkScrolledWindow.min-content-height
/home/jimmy/Documenti/linguaggi_dinamici/progetto/collega_GUI.py:37: GtkWarning: Unknown property: GtkBox.margin-left
/home/jimmy/Documenti/linguaggi_dinamici/progetto/collega_GUI.py:37: GtkWarning: Unknown property: GtkBox.margin-right
/home/jimmy/Documenti/linguaggi_dinamici/progetto/collega_GUI.py:37: GtkWarning: Unknown property: GtkBox.margin-bottom

(main.py:4490): GLib-GObject-ERROR **: cannot create instance of abstract (non-instantiatable) type 'GtkBox'
Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)

I could try to remove GtkBox.margin-left-right-bottom, but i need the property GtkScrolledWindow.min-content-height.

The strange thing is that GtkScrolledWindow.min-content-width has been working corretcly, because i can't see any WARNING about that.

EDIT :: informations about Gtk and Glade versions currently running

Glade: 3.14.2


    import pygtk  

    import gtk  
    import gtk.glade  
    print("GTK Not Availible")

I ran this command to retrieve the version of gtk:

dpkg -l libgtk[0-9]* | grep ^i

and i got

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Are you using the latest version of glade? It looks like you are using a newer version of Gtk then what glade is generating the UI file for. –  smani Feb 7 at 11:46
See my EDIT please –  Jimmy5nomana Feb 7 at 12:03
When you create a ui file within glade, you are usually asked which version to target. Make sure you select 2.24.x (or close) and not 3.x or 1.x. –  drahnr Feb 7 at 12:27
I can't do it.. i can only save it as "libglade" file, "glade" file, or "GtkBuilder" file. But nothing happens, it doesn't work –  Jimmy5nomana Feb 7 at 12:47
It is valid for the version of Gtk that glade is generating the ui for, it is just that you aren't using that version in the project which uses the ui. –  smani Feb 7 at 13:02

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The glade-3.8.x series is the last version supporting Gtk+2. glade > 3.8.x targets Gtk+3. Ubuntu provides the glade-gtk2 package which packages the 3.8.x version, whereas the glade package packages the latest, Gtk+3 only version.

So if you are targeting Gtk+2, you need to install glade-gtk2 and use that version of glade.

Note: similarly on Fedora, the glade package ships the Gtk+3 version, whereas the glade3 (not really an optimal name) ships the Gtk+2 version.

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Ok good.. i've installed it, and now it crashes every time i'm going to load the file edited with the previous Glade (3.x.x). Endless torment. In a few minutes i'll try to search for a workaround, any tip is welcome. Thanks –  Jimmy5nomana Feb 7 at 15:25
If you run glade from the terminal, you might see it the output it prints to the terminal what is causing it to crash. You could then open the glade file with a text editor and remove the offending elements/properties. The problem is most likely that the new glade wrote elements/properties to the file which glade 3.8.x cannot read, causing it to crash because of poor error handling. –  smani Feb 7 at 15:32
If i got something from the terminal.. but it just create a core dump (and i can't find it with ls -a) –  Jimmy5nomana Feb 7 at 15:45
If you actually want to debug the crash, just run it through gdb. –  smani Feb 7 at 15:49
As i thought, i simply get a segmentation fault.. maybe instead of debugging a software (i tried to find exceptions.. but i think it will be hard to catch something helpful from this shit) i'll try to to do other loadings or something else –  Jimmy5nomana Feb 7 at 16:04

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