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I am using this condition in my script

    WHERE colA NOT LIKE '2[6-9]{2}'

so it returns true for the 2 character strings 26,27,28,29 but a three character string like 267 is also returning true. How can I amend this so only the two character strings return true please?

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SQL Server does not support regular expressions. –  a_horse_with_no_name Feb 7 at 12:21
You are doing a not like so it should be returning false for 26, in a database that supports that form of regular expressions. –  Gordon Linoff Feb 7 at 12:52

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Remove the {2}. What you have is, in plain English, "match anything that starts with a 2, then has 2 characters between 6 and 9." You need it to be "match anything with a 2, then one character between 6 and 9."

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