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According to the Code Snippet Manager in Visual Studio 2008 there is a code snippet named "wpfre" which expands to a routed event registration. However, when I try to enter it into the text editor, Intellisense won't complete to it and if I type "wpfre" and hit TAB it just completes to "wde" which is not the right thing.

I googled for it, but found nothing. Any ideas?

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Looks like the "wpfre" snippet is for "Visual Basic".

Are you searching for this snippet in a C# project ?

I am able to see this snippet in my Visual Studio 2008 (Tools->Code Snippet Manager). This is listed under "Visual Basic" language, under "WPF" folder

("Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Vb\Snippets\1033\WPF\RoutedEvent.snippet")

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