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Quick question I currently have a small bit of code that is pulling comments from a comment box on one page and displaying those comments on another page.

Here is the code that I have on my page.php:

<div id="comments">
<?php if ( is_page('share-your-story')) {
$comments = get_comments('post_id=2583');
  foreach($comments as $comm) :
    echo "<hr>"."<h3>".($comm->comment_author)."</h3>";
    echo "<p>".($comm->comment_content)."</p>";
else {


Problem is that the comments are not going through the approval process is there anything to this code that I can add that will stop the comment from displaying automatically?

Thanks, Matt

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get_comments accepts a status parameter. So, get_comments('post_id=2583&status=approve') will return only approved comments for that post.

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Awesome... thanks! –  TikaL13 Jan 29 '10 at 16:06

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