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I have my own offline map data in my app but only for a small region. Now I'd like to overlay this data onto my Google Map V2. This also already works. The only thing missing now is that GoogleMaps still overlays it's road names / city names above my tiles.

Is it possible to display a google map V2 in Android with MAP_TYPE_NORMAL and overlay custom tiles above roads?

TileOverlay overlay = map.addTileOverlay(new

The zIndex does't seem to help me here.

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Could you explain more precisely what you're trying to achieve ? maybe a screenshot would be usefull. About zIndex why did you set 2000 and not something else like 9999 ? is it the highest value for Z ? –  Morendo Mar 7 at 14:15
The Ground Overlays demo works exactly as you describe. The tile overlay doesn't show anything below it but I think its map type none. –  danny117 Mar 11 at 3:36
You can have see screenshot of my problem here: goo.gl/vD3Nb4 I want the Labels drawn on top gone (the one's that aren't blurry in the screenshot :) ) MAP_TYPE_NONE is not an option... I want to see the map if online in regions I don't have tiles for... –  Georg Mar 11 at 7:23

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I think there is no way to display your tile-layer over the road names/city names.

How about display your offline map as Marker? It should be displayed on the top.

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I guess markers are not intended to display MapTiles?!? Zooming in and out of the map would lead to weird effects I guess.... But do you have any link to show me how this could be archived? –  Georg Mar 12 at 6:24

try this link for https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/android/reference/com/google/android/gms/maps/model/TileOverlay &


GoogleMap map; // ... get a map.
TileProvider tileProvider; // ... create a tile provider.
 TileOverlay tileOverlay = map.addTileOverlay(
 new TileOverlayOptions().tileProvider(tileProvider));

Hope this helps.

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That's exactly what I am doing... but then my tiles are on top of the Google-Tiles but underneath the Google-Map Labeles. –  Georg Mar 20 at 6:42

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