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I am a novice designer, I have created a webpage containing a lightbox video. When playing the video, a text could be seen at the bottom of the frame, which says; open in new browser window. I want to remove this text, what should I do?

The source code:

<script type="text/javascript">

      CB_MinWidth=788,              // minimum (only at images) or initial width of CB window---------------------@@@
      CB_MinHeight=582,             // initial heigth of CB window
      CB_WinPadd=0,                 // padding of the CB window from sides of the browser ---------------------@@@
      CB_ImgBorder=0,                   // border size around the picture in CB window---------------------@@@
      CB_ImgBorderColor='#f5f4f1',          // border color around the picture in CB window---------------------@@@
      CB_Padd=0,                    // padding around inside the CB window---------------------@@@

      CB_BodyMarginLeft=0,              //
      CB_BodyMarginRight=0,             // if you set margin to <body>,
      CB_BodyMarginTop=0,               // please change these settings!
      CB_BodyMarginBottom=0,                //

      CB_ShowThumbnails='auto',         // it tells CB how to show the thumbnails ('auto', 'always' or 'off') thumbnails are only in picture-mode!
      CB_ThumbsBGColor='#000',          // color of the thumbnail layer
      CB_ThumbsBGOpacity=.35,               // opacity of the thumbnail layer
      CB_ActThumbOpacity=.65,               // thumbnail opacity of the current viewed image

      CB_SlideShowBarColor='#FFF',          // color of the slideshow bar
      CB_SlideShowBarOpacity=.60,           // opacity of the slideshow bar
      CB_SlideShowBarPadd=17,               // padding of the slideshow bar (left and right)
      CB_SlideShowBarTop=2,             // position of the slideshow bar from the top of the picture

      CB_SimpleDesign='off',                // if it's 'on', CB doesn't show the frame but only the content - really nice ;)

      CB_CloseBtnTop=-10,               // vertical position of the close button in picture mode
      CB_CloseBtnRight=-14,             // horizontal position of the close button in picture mode
      CB_CloseBtn2Top=-20,              // vertical position of the close button in content mode
      CB_CloseBtn2Right=-30,                // horizontal position of the close button in content mode

      CB_OSD='off',                 // turns on OSD
      CB_OSDShowReady='off',                // when clearbox is loaded and ready, it shows an OSD message

      // CB font, text and navigation (at the bottom of CB window) settings:

      CB_FontT='Verdana',               //
      CB_FontSizeT=13,              // these variables are referring to the title or caption line
      CB_FontColorT='#777',             // 
      CB_FontWeightT='normal',          //

      CB_FontC='arial',             //
      CB_FontSizeC=11,              // these variables are referring to
      CB_FontColorC='#999',             // comment lines under the title
      CB_FontWeightC='normal',          //
      CB_TextAlignC='justify',          //
      CB_txtHCMax=120,              // maximum height of the comment box in pixels

      CB_FontG='arial',             //
      CB_FontSizeG=11,              // these variables are referring to the gallery name
     // CB_FontColorG='normal',             //!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     // CB_FontWeightG='@@CB_FontWeightG@@',            //!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      CB_PadT=10,                   // space in pixels between the content and the title or caption line

      CB_OuterNavigation='off',         // turns outer navigation panel on

      CB_ShowURL='off',             // it shows the url of the content if no title or caption is given
      CB_ItemNum='on',              // it shows the ordinal number of the content in galleries
      CB_ItemNumBracket='()',               // whatever you want ;)

      CB_ShowGalName='',                // it shows gallery name
      CB_TextNav='on',              // it shows previous and next navigation
      CB_NavTextImgPrvNxt='on',         // it shows previous and next buttons instead of text
      CB_ShowDL='on',                   // it shows download controls
      CB_NavTextImgDL='on',             // it shows download buttons instead of text

      CB_ImgRotation='on',              // it shows the image rotation controls
      CB_NavTextImgRot='on',                // it shows the image rotation buttons instead of text

      // Settings of the document-hiding layer:

      CB_HideColor='#000',              // color of the layer
      CB_HideOpacity=.8,                // opacity (0 is invisible, 1 is 100% color) of the layer---------------------@@@
      CB_HideOpacitySpeed=400,          // speed of fading
      CB_CloseOnH='on',             // CB will close, if you click on background

      // CB animation settings:
      CB_Animation='double',                // 'double', 'normal', 'off', 'grow', 'growinout' or 'warp' (high cpu usage)
      CB_ImgOpacitySpeed=300,               // speed of content fading (in ms)
      CB_TextOpacitySpeed=300,          // speed of text fading under the picture (in ms)
      CB_AnimSpeed=300,             // speed of the resizing animation of CB window (in ms)
      CB_ImgTextFade='on',              // turns on or off the fading of content and text
      CB_FlashHide='on',                // it hides flash animations on the page before CB starts
      CB_SelectsHide='on',              // it hides select boxes on the page before CB starts
      CB_SlShowTime=3000,               // default speed of the slideshow (in sec)
      CB_Preload='on',              // preload neighbour pictures in galleries
      CB_ShowLoading='on'               // ---------------------@@@    


What can be done?

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