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I have some handles that look like:

ans = 

                    figure1: 189.0205
             sampleNameEdit: 17.0216
             selectCatPopup: 16.0237
             radiobutton_Al: 14.0266
              radiobutton_O: 190.0183
                     output: 189.0205

How can I easily look for those handles that start with radiobutton__? In the future, I will have many more radiobuttons that I would like to retrieve easily.

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I think it'd help to show what line of code created that ans. – clokep Feb 7 '14 at 13:52

To search for a specific pattern in a handle's name, the best approach would be to follow Luis Mendo's advice in his answer. However, consider searching based on the type of object you are looking for. In this case, it would seem that all radiobutton objects need to be located.

The most straightforward way to find handles of for a certain style of uicontrol, is to search for handles with their Style Property set to radiobutton. Consider a figure with two controls: a text box and a radio button, with their handles stored in an ordinary array uih:

hf = figure; % parent of uicontrols
uih(1) = uicontrol('style','text');
uih(2) = uicontrol('style','radiobutton');

Here are my test handle vales (yours will be different):

>> uih
uih =
    3.0012    4.0012

The first is the text box, and the second is the radio button.

Search by parent handle

If you have the parent handle (i.e. the figure handle, hf), you don't even need the list of handles uih! Just call findobj as follows:

hr = findobj(hf,'style','radiobutton')
hr =

Search handle array

If you don't have the parent handle, but do have a list of handles to search, that's no problem either:

hr = findobj(uih,'style','radiobutton')
hr =

Search struct of handles

In your case, you have the handles stored as fields in a struct:

handles = 
    ht: 3.0012
    hr: 4.0012
hr = findobj(structfun(@(x)x,handles),'style','radiobutton')
hr =

Don't worry, this finds all radio buttons!

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Assuming you have a struct with each handle stored in a different field:

s.radiobutton_1 = 1; %// example data: struct with several fields
s.otherfield    = 22;
s.radiobutton_2 = 333;

names = fieldnames(s); %// get all field names
ind = strmatch('radiobutton_',names); %// logical index to matching fields
selected = cellfun(@(name) s.(name), names(ind)); %// contents of those fields

returns the desired result:

selected =

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The only corrent answer in my opinion – RobertStettler Jul 6 '15 at 9:34
@RobertStettler You are right. To search for any pattern, the other answers are not applicable. However, the question is looking for radio buttons (objects with 'Style', 'radiobutton'). So while you only got your answer here, a downvote on the others seems a bit much. – chappjc Jul 6 '15 at 19:34
@chappjc you are absolutely right, I already tried to undo the downvote but I got locked for some reason. I'll change that asap. – RobertStettler Jul 6 '15 at 21:56
@RobertStettler I've edited my post with a note about the difference in the answers and when each approach is applicable. It should let you change a vote now, but of course that is your call. :) Thanks. – chappjc Jul 7 '15 at 18:15

It's not really clear where you get that ans from and what its structure is, and what exactly is supposed to "start with" "radiobutton_". However, if you want to get handles to all existing radiobuttons, findobj is the way to go:

h = findobj(findobj('Type', 'uicontrol'), 'Style', 'radiobutton');

You can restrict the search to children e.g. of the current figure using

h = findobj(findobj(gcf, 'Type', 'uicontrol'), 'Style', 'radiobutton');

and you can restrict the search to a given list of handles oh (without children) using

h = findobj(findobj(oh, 'flat', 'Type', 'uicontrol'), 'Style', 'radiobutton');
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