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I have this .NET regex:


and it matches 'sqlscalar' and 'magic' perfectly , but does not match 'sql'

RegexTester screenshot

any help appreciated..

here is the server name <%#sqlscalar:@@servername %> this is result from funcA with @p valu=100 <%#sqlscalar:dbo.funcA(<%variableA%>)%> : both the functions above is in first line , Results of FuncB, and the fMagic() in second line <%#sqlscalar:funcB(<%variableB%>)%> <%#magic:fMagic()%> Third line is from sql ‘select * from dbo.ftelUsers()’ <%#sql:select * from dbo.ftElUsers()%>

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Any chance you could post the regex as text instead of an image? (or in addition to) –  Lasse V. Karlsen Feb 7 at 13:33
I agree with @TimPietzcker, but in addition, your regex needs some cleaning up. What's with all the extraneous parens? Here's your original regex: (<%#)(?<type>((sql)|(magic)|(sqlscalar))):(?<method>([^\s]*)\s*)(\s)*(%>). Here it is, simplified: <%#(?<type>sql|magic|sqlscalar):(?<method>\S*\s*)%> –  Brian Stephens Feb 7 at 13:44
Here is regex (<%#)(?<type>((sql)|(magic)|(sqlscalar))):(?<method>([^\s]*)\s*)(\s)*(%>) –  TonyP Feb 7 at 13:55
@TonyP: Can you please also provide the test text instead of an image. I don't really feel like typing it myself for testing... –  Tim Pietzcker Feb 7 at 14:37
@Tim, added the text as well , thanks .. –  TonyP Feb 7 at 14:53

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Your regex doesn't allow whitespace after the colon (unless it's directly before the closing bracket %>). That's why select * from... doesn't match.

I propose a different regex (updated to handle nested tags which I had overlooked before):

Regex regexObj = new Regex(
    @"<%[#]         # Match '<%#'
    (?<type>        # Match and capture in group 'type':
     sql            # 'sql'
     (?:scalar)?    # optionally followed by 'scalar'
    |               # OR
     magic          # 'magic'
    )               # End of group 'type'
    :               # Match ':'
    (?<method>      # Match and capture in group 'method'
    (?>             # Either match (possessively):
     (?:            # the following group which matches
      (?!<%|%>)     # only if we're not at the start of <% or %>
      .             # any character
     )+             # once or more
    |               # or
     <% (?<Depth>)  # <% (and increase the nesting counter)
    |               # or
     %> (?<-Depth>) # %> (and decrease the nesting counter).
    )*              # Repeat as needed.
    (?(Depth)(?!))  # Assert that the nesting counter is at zero.
    )               # End of group 'method'
    %>              # Then match a closing %>.
    RegexOptions.IgnorePatternWhitespace | RegexOptions.Singleline);
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Thanks, what would be the right regex to include white spaces before the closing bracket ? –  TonyP Feb 7 at 13:59
Thanks Tim, your dissemination of regex is a real eye opener, you are life saver –  TonyP Feb 7 at 14:34
This is much better, but it doesn't handle nested tags, which is where I got stuck too. In the example, he has <%#sqlscalar:funcB(<%variableB%>)%>, but your regex match will stop at the first %>, not the outside one. –  Brian Stephens Feb 7 at 14:34
@BrianStephens: Oh, you're right. I didn't see the nested tag - well, the OP should have provided text to work with, not an image :) - but this can be fixed. Hold on a sec... –  Tim Pietzcker Feb 7 at 14:35
@TimPietzcker: WOW! I never knew about .NET "balancing groups". That opens up all new regex nesting possibilities! Thank you so much for demonstrating their use. –  Brian Stephens Feb 7 at 16:10

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