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According to a recent blog post by Allen Bauer:

As we’re working on Fulcrum, the next RAD Studio release with a focus on cross-compilation for Mac and Linux, [..]

I figured someone would mention it in the comments, but I thought Mac/Linux support was a few releases further off. Maybe it's just me, but this is huge news.

Does this mean we will see Mac/Linux binaries created with a Delphi release this year?

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This is indeed a big news. Would be really nice to be able to release current products to Mac too. I just hope this won't be a feature that will be released "too soon" (with a "beta" quality). – AlexV Jan 29 '10 at 16:03
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While I cannot commit to any kind of time frame or release dates, we are working on Mac and Linux targeting. There is also some work going on for 64bit targeting as well, however that will most likely not be in the same time frame as the Mac/Linux targeted releases.

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What about Google Native Client, do you have any plans for that? – Lars D Jan 29 '10 at 21:16
If it ever becomes significantly more popular, I'm sure we'd look into it. – Allen Bauer Jan 29 '10 at 21:29
Therein lies the rub. What you consider a "beta" or "preview" others would consider it a useless and "pre-alpha." Even from your statement about what you want to do with it indicates that it would need to be nearly complete (and bug free). What if it was delivered with a bug that made it impossible to build your shell extension? I'd imagine you'd change your tune since it simply didn't solve your problem. – Allen Bauer Jan 29 '10 at 23:16
So, a "Cross-platform Library for project X" ...? or CLX for short. It's deja vu all over again. I guess some people just don't learn from their own (huge) mistakes. And you;ll have to pardon some cynicism... based on recent history there is every reason to suspect that by the time Delphi 2011 comes around Project X will have been put onto a back burner and some other new and previously unmentioned project being given priority. Sadly, even sincere reassurances that this won't happen will smell a bit funny given that this is exactly what happened with Commodore, roadmap or no roadmap. – Deltics Jan 31 '10 at 19:22
@Deltics, Maybe you're right, and then again, maybe not. I guess we'll all have to wait and see. – Allen Bauer Feb 1 '10 at 18:13

Fulcrum is the code name for the next release, so yes, the next release will include Mac and Linux support. I don't know about the time frame, but "this year" seems reasonable.

Native 64 bit support will be in a future release.

Personally, I prefer this order.

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Anyone heard of a possible release time frame for 'Fulcrum'? – Mick Jan 29 '10 at 18:40
Keep an eye out for the next CodeRage. If the pattern holds, the release will be around the same time. – Bruce McGee Jan 29 '10 at 18:56
For me it's a big Big BIG disappointment if there will be no x64 support in the next Delphi release. I think Embarcadero/Delphi will loose lots of developers because of this (and not gain a fraction of them by supporting cross compilation). – Remko Jan 29 '10 at 19:46
Usually Delphi does q2/q3 releases, My guess is they'll stick with that to keep all the subscribers happy. – Zartog Jan 29 '10 at 21:02
@Mick: Like 64 bit Windows, OSX runs 32 bit applications just fine. I don;t know if there are any exceptions or not. – Bruce McGee Jan 29 '10 at 21:45

Embarcadero once said that "the release after the next one will support 64-bit". That was supposed to be Delphi 2010. That didn't happen of course - far from it. Not only did it not appear in the release that was indicated, but it now appears it won't be appearing for at least 2 further releases, and in the meantime, things that were NEVER even mentioned have suddenly appeared and been given priority.

So there really is no reason to believe that Fulcrum will happen either, until it has actually been delivered, no matter who talks about it, at least not in the time frame that is being indicated.

Embarcadero have proven less than reliable when it comes to their "roadmap" which is frankly something of a joke - the "current" one still talks about things that have already been delivered as if they have yet to happen, for instance.

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"Welcome to the real world, Neo." ;-) – user246408 Jan 31 '10 at 19:43
Yeah, this drives me insane. How can anyone reliably plan around what they're going to release next? They're just making it up as they go. – Rowan Mar 11 '10 at 10:36

If you look at the last road map, you will see Embarcadero is working on Project called "Delphi X"

alt text

and according to what Allen said, it seems it's will be compile to Mac OS & Linux at same time, which is great thing.

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I suppose it's not awful news...

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If Allen said so, it's pretty safe to assume it's true.

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The best answer so far is by Michael Rozlog. It is an over hour interview with the Product Manager of RAD Studio and is worth hearing. It covers:

  • The Delphi Survey
  • Delphi application showcase
  • Updates to the Delphi Roadmap
  • 12 Videos of Christmas (later renamed the 12 Holiday videos)
  • Compiler rewrite
  • Project Fulcrum: Delphi on Linux and Mac in Beta
  • Coming soon to more public beta (hopefully)
  • Delphi Backwards Compatibility
  • The upgrade cut off policy
  • Free or low cost versions of Delphi
  • And a whole lot more.

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