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I got an error "invalid index to scalar variable" in this line:

predicted = [[index, x[1]] for index, x in enumerate(rf.predict(test), start = 1)]

I know, there was solution for similar problem, but I should output solution in my code with two columns, where first is index, second - prediction. So, I used enumerate method for counting index from 1 to n, and I have no idea how to fix my error, couse I'm new with Python and things like list comphrehations. Thanks for any help.

def main():    
    dataset = genfromtxt(open('train.csv', 'r'), delimiter = ',', dtype = 'int64')[1:]
    target = [x[0] for x in dataset]
    train = [x[1:] for x in dataset]
    test = genfromtxt(open('test.csv', 'r'), delimiter = ',', dtype = 'int64')[1:]
    rf = RandomForestClassifier(n_estimators = 1000, n_jobs = CPU)
    rf.fit(train, target)

    predicted = [[index, x[1]] for index, x in enumerate(rf.predict(test), start = 1)]
    savetxt('submission_randomf2.csv', predicted, delimiter=',', fmt='%d,%f', header='ImageId,Label', comments = '')    

if __name__ == "__main__":
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What does rf.predict(test) return? Presumably at least one of the items returned is a scalar, so trying to index it as x[1] fails. –  Wooble Feb 7 at 14:00

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Here rf.predict(test) is a 1D array as the output dimension is one (see documentation).

Try the following:

predicted = [[index, x] for index, x in enumerate(rf.predict(test), start = 1)]
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thanks, it worked well!) –  Rachnog Feb 7 at 17:21

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