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I am parsing an html page using jsoup. Here is what i did so far:

doc = Jsoup.connect("").get();

Element page_clips = doc.getElementById("page_clips");

Element page_clip_content = page_clips.getElementById("content");
Elements allProductPricesOnPage = page_clip_content.getElementsByClass("price");

now, when i write:


it returns me the following:

<div class="name">
<a href=" 
route=product/product&amp;path=141_77&amp;product_id=4309"> here is the text</a>

What i want to do is, i want to get the "here is the text" part of that object. Can anyone help me with his?


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You might want to iterate over the Elements you have gathered and print their prices one by one:

Elements allProductPricesOnPage = page_clip_content
for (Element el : allProductPricesOnPage) {


19.99 TL KDV Dahil
9.99 TL KDV Dahil
14.99 TL KDV Dahil

What it does is, you are selecting Elements which implements Iterator (see javadoc here), which gives you an access to individual Element objects within your collection.

Each of these Element objects which are repeating within your HTML have relevant information you want to extract.

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If you want to extract only the text, you can call the text() method:

String text = allProductNamesOnPage.get(0).text();

This method gets the text of an Element and its combined children. So if you want to ensure that you are only extracting text from the a element, call text() on the first child element:

String text = allProductNamesOnPage.get(0).child(0).text();

See here:

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