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I have built a SP Designer (2007) workflow on an InfoPath form library. The workflow provides an emailed 'receipt' to the submitter upon submission of a form followed by a notification email alert to an AD email account (copied to me), dependant on the location chosen in the form.

The forms always triggered all the elements of the workflow during the testing phase (tested by me with admin rights), but when the pilot was rolled out we had the following issues:

  • One user in particular received the 'receipt' element of the
    workflow alert every time she submitted the form, but the additional notification email alert was not received by any of the recipients
    nor me. I trouble-shot in the usual manner (checked permissions in
    both SharePoint and Exchange, rules in Outlook, junk mail settings
    etc). We got the user to try a different PC (still a standard build) and all alerts were received correctly. The user's profile was rebuilt as a result and the problem seems to have been solved.


  • A few of the Infopath forms which were submitted by a variety of users across 4 locations suffered the same issue, with no recorded failure on the part of the workflow but still no emailed alert being received by the nominated recipients (nor me). The submitter in every case received their emailed 'receipt' via the same workflow. There appears to be no pattern to this, just an intermittent error which is sometimes (but not always) prompted more often by a series of submissions from the same submitter in one period of time (ie at least 5 minutes apart).


The workflows all record 'complete' with no errors but the emails are not to be found. This issue is threatening around 4 months of work and is not reassuring for those 'SharePoint-avoiders' in the organisation.

There is no trace of any errors in the Workflow History List.

I have sourced and tried a variety of solutions and suggestions, but most seem to point to a workflow erroring, which is not happening in this case (well as least not recording as such)

I would be incredibly grateful to receive some advice or work around, or anything. Many thanks for your time.


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