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I have uploaded my new files on my server but it seems the cache has not refreshed as I can still see the same code.

It is the js files that I have changed.

I am using nginx and have also checked set the sendfile to 'Off' but still no joy.

Is there anyway i can clear the cache so i can see the updated files. The server is defintely holding the latest files.

Hope someone can assist.

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Have you tried to include your script with attaching the latest version ?v12 on <script src="yourfile.js?v12" > </script>? –  Suman Bogati Feb 7 at 15:13
there is no versioning on there. The server definitely has the correct copy on there as i did a quick vim on the file. –  tjhack Feb 7 at 15:16
It is the way through which we can clear cache, in actual there is no any version of file, but it's dummy version(you can put any number). –  Suman Bogati Feb 7 at 15:18

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You can update your javascript file with adding the latest version with your file name, which is something like this.

<script src="yourfile.js?v12" > </script>

Here is the ?v12 the version of file you can add.

Every time you edit the javascript file, you can update it like ?v13, ?v14, ?v15 so on.

  • <script src="yourfile.js?v13" > </script>
  • <script src="yourfile.js?v14" > </script>
  • <script src="yourfile.js?v13" > </script>

That's how your javascript is not cached in browser.

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There must be an alternative to this rather than doing versioning? –  tjhack Feb 7 at 15:41
@tjhack Yes, use js merging. Some applications support this and will generate a unique filename based on the content of the merge result. Overkill for this specific issue but it may benefit your site in more areas is to use Google's pagespeed module. –  Melvyn Feb 8 at 10:08

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