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According to the documentation, mongoengine should support also hint() with polymorphic models -- see:

The problem is that I can't find a way to use it, and there is no example in the documentation that refers specifically to the situation in which one has polymorphic models. For example if I have the following hierarchy:

class SFile(DynamicDocument):
    submission_id = StringField()

    meta = {                                            
            'allow_inheritance': True,
            'indexes' : [ {'fields' : ['submission_id']} ] # , 'cls' : False

class TXTFile(SFile):
    name = StringField()

class ImageFile(SFile):
    vv = StringField()

# And create some documents:
sf = SFile()
sf.submission_id = '000'

I have displayed the indexes create:

indexes = SFile.objects._collection.index_information()
print [str(i) for i in indexes]

=> ['id', '_cls_1_submission_id_1']

So far so good. Now if I try to hint(), I get an error:

print SFile.objects(submission_id='000').hint([('submission_id', 1)])

=> Error: pymongo.errors.OperationFailure: database error: bad hint

According to the result of index_information(), the index name is _cls_1_submission_id - I think, but this throws the same error...

This works fine though if the model is not polymorphic...

Can anyone help me, please?

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SFile.objects(submission_id='000').hint([('_cls', 1), ('submission_id', 1)])

Inheritable models add an extra field _cls to the index by default - you can turn this off by setting the cls field in the meta. See

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I ran into similar trouble and I think it's the print [str(i) for i in indexes] that's throwing you off. The dictionaries look like

'_id.course_instance_id_1__id.user_id_1__id.namespace_1': {
    'key': [('_id.course_instance_id', 1), ('_id.user_id', 1), ('_id.namespace', 1)],
    'v': 1,
    'background': False,
    'dropDups': False

and it's the key field you want to pass into hint() not the dictionary key, e.g.,

hint([('_id.course_instance_id', 1), ('_id.user_id', 1), ('_id.namespace', 1)])
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