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I have a PHP file that handles sending out confirmation emails. I also have a calendar that I use AJAX to do various updates. When AJAX calls the update file, it updates the database with the new information, and I want confirmation emails to be sent out.

So from inside the php file that the AJAX calls, I figured I should include("email-sender.php?stage=confirm2a&job={$slot->job_id} which calls the email php page, with the $_GET variables that tell it which emails to send and to who.

But for some reason, I can't get the include to work when you use ?key=value $_GET pairs attached to the string. tells me you can use $_GET variables in an include, but when I set up a simple test, it doesn't appear to work.

My test page has one link, that when clicked submits an ajax call to a page along with data containing one variable "farm" which equals the value "animal". Like this:

$("a.testlink").click(function() {
    var mydata = "farm=animal";
        url: "ajaxPHP.php",
        data: mydata,
        success: function(rt) {

So ajaxPHP.php says:

if($_GET['farm']) {
    $var = $_GET['farm'];
    echo $var;

At this point, the success alert shows "animal" when the link is clicked. That's right.

But if I change ajaxPHP.php to this:

if($_GET['farm']) {
    $var = $_GET['farm'];

And have a file called ajaxInclude.php that says:

if($_GET['farm']) {
    $var = $_GET['farm'];
    echo $var;

Then when I click the link I get an empty alert. So the include doesn't work with the query string appended to the end.

Any help?


So now I have the following:

$stage = "confirm2a";
$stage = "confirm2b";

And then in email-sender.php, obviously there is a lot of code like:

if($stage == "confirm2a") { 
   email Person 1 etc...
if($stage == "confirm2b") {
    email Person 2 etc...

But when I run the script, only Person 1 receives the email, and only once. Not sure why...

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You can handle the variables within your included script, rather than appending them onto the include path itself:

$var = "foo";

-- contents of script.php --

echo $var; // 'foo'

In my opinion this is much cleaner anyway. You may desire to check to make sure the values exist within script.php before echoing out any variables.

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This is great but one follow up question: Can I include the same script twice or more, and pass different vars to it each time? Like $var = "foo"; include("script.php"); $var = "bar"; include("script.php"); – rhodesjason Jan 29 '10 at 16:49
It will use the most recently declared value. So, yes. – Sampson Jan 29 '10 at 16:50
Hmm. I assumed that but it's not working. See my edit above... thanks so much for your help! – rhodesjason Jan 29 '10 at 16:53
@JasonRhodes: I just tested it locally and it worked. – Sampson Jan 29 '10 at 16:55
I just added my edit at the bottom of the original post. Any thoughts? – rhodesjason Jan 29 '10 at 16:56

There are, at least, two alternatives to solve this:


if($_GET['farm']) {
    $var = $_GET['farm'];
    $farm = $var;

Then, in ajaxInclude.php:

if($farm) {
    $var = $farm;
    echo $var;


if($_GET['farm']) {
    $var = $_GET['farm'];
    header("Location: ajaxInclude.php?farm={$var}");

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$_GET is a global variable, so can be used anywhere within your php script, including any included scripts

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