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I am using RestSharp (version 104.4 via NuGet) to make calls to a Rest Web Service. I have designed a set of objects (POCO) which matches resources exposed in the API. However, my objects property names does not match those expected by the Rest Service when posting data, so I would like to "transform" them when I make a request to the Rest service to make them match match. I read that adding SerializeAs attribute (with a Name specified) on my POCO's property will make them serialize correctly, but it won't.


Imports RestSharp.Serializers

<Serializable(), SerializeAs(Name:="ApiMember")>
Public Class ApiMember
    Public Property Id As Integer?

    Public Property EmailAddress As String

    Public Property Firstname As String

    Public Property Lastname As String
End Class

My Call to the API

Dim request As RestRequest = New RestRequest(Method.POST)
Dim member As ApiMember = new ApiMember()

member.EmailAddress = "me@example.com"

request.Resource = "members"
request.RequestFormat = DataFormat.Json

Dim client As RestClient = New RestClient()
client.BaseUrl = "http://url.com"
client.Authenticator = New HttpBasicAuthenticator("username", "password")
client.Execute(Of ApiGenericResponse)(request)

What ends up being posted


Notice the name of the properties does not match thoses I specified in SerializeAs (uppercases, name of EmailAddress)

Am I missing something ?

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In RestSharp 104.4, the default JsonSerializer doesn't use the [SerializeAs] attribute, as seen by reviewing the source code.

One workaround to this is to create a custom serializer that uses the Json.NET JsonSerializer (a good example is here) and then decorate your properties with the [JsonProperty] attribute, like so:

Public Property EmailAddress As String
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