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I have a data frame with multiple columns, I would like to subset the data frame using similarly named columns. For example my data frame looks like:

> df1
  a px1 px2 px3   b
1 a 123 111 278 456
2 b 456 222 908 123
3 c 789 333 456 333

Now I want to create a subset of df1 where px1 or px2 or px3 has value of 456 ( In actual scenario there are lot more variables I tried the following, but didn't work :

 > subset(df1,grep("px",names(df1)) %in% c(456))
 [1] a   px1 px2 px3 b  
 <0 rows> (or 0-length row.names)

I couldn't figure out the missing part - can anyone help?

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Here's an easy approach:

df1[as.logical(rowSums(df1[grepl("px", names(df1))] == 456)), ]

  a px1 px2 px3   b
2 b 456 222 908 123
3 c 789 333 456 333

If you want to take care of multiple values, e.g., 456 and 333, you can use this approach:

df1[as.logical(rowSums(sapply(df1[grepl("px", names(df1))], 
                              "%in%", c(456, 333)))), ]
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Thanks for the quick reply, how does the code change if I have to look for multiple values like 456,333 ? –  Sri Feb 7 at 19:31
You would change == 456 to %in% c(456, 333) –  josilber Feb 7 at 19:55
@user2382845 As josilber points out, you can use %in% for comparison with multiple values. –  Sven Hohenstein Feb 7 at 20:13
I'm getting an error with %in% > df1[as.logical(rowSums(df1[grepl("px",names(df1))] %in% c(456,333))),] Error in rowSums(df1[grepl("px", names(df1))] %in% c(456, 333)) : 'x' must be an array of at least two dimensions –  Sri Feb 7 at 21:25
@user2382845 See the update. –  Sven Hohenstein Feb 7 at 21:31

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