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I use STI and my models look like this:

class Question < ActiveRecord::Base
   has_many :child_questions, :class_name => 'QuestionRelation',  
                              :foreign_key => :parent_question_id

   def subquestions
      sub_questions = []

class YesNoQuestion < Question
  def subquestions
    sub_questions = []
    # Something smarter here
    sub_questions << Question.create << Question.create

class NumericQuestion < Question

Each type of question can have child questions, which appear after an answer was given. For example, YesNoQuestion has two child Questions, one for Yes, one for No.

The problem is that while the admin is creating the questionnaire, he can change question's type with Ajax, and child questions needs to be rebuild.

Is there a way to bind to a model callback when type (i.e. question.class) was changed?

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Maybe after_save? –  rlecaro2 Feb 7 at 19:15
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