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I have a few custom fields on my portfolio item such as c_TrafficLightCost. but when I pass it in the fetch, to create my grid, it doesn't create a columns with the value of the custom field.

Here is my code:

Ext.define('CustomApp', {
extend: 'Rally.app.App',
componentCls: 'app',

launch: function() {

  console.log('Our First App woot!');

// Get data from Rally
_loadData: function() {

  var myStore = Ext.create('Rally.data.wsapi.Store', {
      model: 'portfolioitem/deliverable',
      autoLoad: true,          
      listeners: {
          load: function(myStore, myData, success) {
            console.log('got data!', myStore, myData, success);
          scope: this

      fetch: ['FormattedID', 'Name', 'c_TrafficLightCost' ]



// Create and Show a Grid of given stories
_loadGrid: function(myStoryStore) {

  var myGrid = Ext.create('Rally.ui.grid.Grid', {
    store: myStoryStore,
    columnCfgs: [
      'FormattedID', 'Name', 'c_TrafficLightCost' 

  console.log('what is this?', this);


What I want is for the traffic light to be a column in the grid

Can anyone help me?


Best regards Martin

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Remove c_ in front of the custom field name. Try TrafficLightCost and see if that does it. I confirmed that the code posted in this git hub repo does not show values for custom fields (the column is empty) when c_ is prepended to the field name. I think this is a defect.

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