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I would like to create service base on following milestones:

  1. On website user click button: "Show all clients"
  2. website use WebService to prepare query to be sent to DB
  3. This query is being sent to queue
  4. Then external consumer pick the message and send the query to DB. After DB returns results it should be send back to user to be shown under "Show all clients" button

All are prepared in PHP (site, webservice (nuSoap), message producer (stomp-activemq), message consumer)(stomp-activemq)

Please don't advice me if my flow is ok, and so on. It just has to be as presented :P

Please advice me if it is possible to using php stomp and activeMQ I can model such flow? If Yes is it possible to be done using only one queue? Maybe there is need to use two queues (one for requests and second for responses) or I should create queues dynamically for every user action? But is it good pattern?

Kind Regards, Gwozdamin

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