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My question is similar to this one: How to highlight all occurrences of a word in an Emacs buffer

In Notepad++ editor, there's a convenient feature: if you select a word in your text (not necessarily a keyword), the word is highlighted throughout the text. Is there any similar way in a lightweight editor for Mac? I've tried Textwrangler and jedit, but they don't seem to have this very useful feature.

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Thanks for all the tips. I've tried out the various alternatives and ended up finding that jEdit has a good plugin for this feature: The "Highlight (Buffer scope)" option in the "Highlight" plugi

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Yes, jEdit is a great text editor! Thanks for leading me to this plug-in. – deamon Dec 4 '12 at 20:33

The only Mac text editor I know of that does this is Xcode, but I wouldn't exactly describe this as "lightweight".

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Eclipse will do it to assuming the word is a var/method/class. – prodigitalson Jan 29 '10 at 17:26

You could to this in TextMate - not out of the box - but you could implement it fairly easily with whatever scripting language youre good with (ruby is whats normally used). There might even already be a plugin/bundle in the repository.

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I'm not sure how willing you are, but you can look into writing a highlight plug-in for textWrangler. I think you'll need the BBE-sdk. Here's their blurb on developing plugins:

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vim, running in a Terminal is very lightweight and will do this.

vim file.txt
:set hlsearch

If you only like GUI apps there is MacVim out there for downloading.

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