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I am currently working with a classic asp application. We are looking to upgrade this in small phases to .NET. what I mean by small phases is page by page over an extended period of time.

I want to minimize impact to users. So upgrade pages but keeping the look the same for now. The classic asp app is all frames based so I think i could keep the look and run the upgraded page and point to the new page?

My questions are, what is the best method in doing this in peoples experience? Again I want to build this in .NET so I don't know if i would be best off using MVC or would utilizing a particular framework make any difference here?

Those folks who have went through this pain in the past what were some gotchyas in upgrading and running a newer technology with an older technology? I would imagine i shouldn't have to much heartache in running these together.

Any additional things we should think about?

Thanks for the assistance.

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MVC provides more control and flexibility. You can use .cshtml page to insert html code and use model variables ( with Razor) defined in your .cs code. You can easily display list box, combo box and other controls. Besides it does not require AJAX.

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