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I am new to VS( about 6 months), we have an application built using WCF and I am looking for some pointer to build a automation framework around it.

I tried with soap UI but its too simple for my application, any suggestions/pointers where and how should I start building this framework( only option I see here is Nunit.

here is my requirement, I am looking more of step by step guide to achieve this

A simple framework which will send some precooked input to the service and will have some expected value, this expected value will then matched against the actual value assert.

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This sounds like a good candidate for Visual Studio's Web & Load Test feature. I personally use these to test WCF endpoints frequently. You can either record steps using your browser, or write code that consumes your service. Either way, it functions just as a normal unit test does.

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I am fairly new to C#, to start with I am looking for some thing where I would simply send a request to my web service ( for that I have xml inputs to be sent) and assert the response recieved from the web service. Any examples where this has been implemented would be great.. –  user3285525 Feb 18 '14 at 22:43

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