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I am using Flask-OAuthlib to setup an OAuth2 server. When I access the server via the script I get an error:

TypeError: sequence index must be integer, not 'str'

Apparently, something seems to be wrong with the resp variable and printing it results in "Invalid response from remote", which isn't very helpful.

Here is the relevant portion of my client code:

def authorized(resp):
    if resp is None:
        return 'Access denied: reason=%s error=%s' % (

    session['remote_oauth'] = (resp['access_token'], '') # error occurs here
    return jsonify(oauth_token=resp['access_token']) # and here

I realize there's an open issue (2 actually, for the same issue) but the author is "on vacation"....who knows for how long

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Have you tried whacking a pdb in before you set session var and checking what rest actually contains. I suspect it's not a dict like you think. – Mike Waites Feb 8 '14 at 11:50
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The response in this case is an flask_oauthlib.client.OAuthException(RuntimeError) and not the dict you would get if the token request was successful. The error message could certainly be more helpful and I'm sure a pull request would be accepted (good starting point).

I've not tried to replicate this with a flask-oauthlib provider and just did a quick test against Google using your example code but the cause is likely the same in both cases. flask-oauthlib.client assumes the token retrieval is a GET request when both flask-oauthlib and Google assumes a POST by default.

Try adding access_token_method='POST' to your remote_app invocation

remote = oauth.remote_app(

and see if that helps.

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