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I'm plotting some 2-D time series data, and I want to mark specific dates on the plot with an X or some other marker. For example, if I have all the data for each date running for the last 6 months, and I want to point out where Christmas was on this plot. What would be the easiest way to accomplish this? I can do it manually, but would prefer to add something that automates it in my code.

Edit: My attempt at this so far. Not sure if there is anything the would work better. I had some trouble comparing the date objects, which is why the comparison string is split up as it is.

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Can you show us an example of what you tried that didn't work? –  tcaswell Feb 7 at 22:53
I edited my post with my current solution. –  mrdst Feb 7 at 23:04
are you looking for annotate are axvline? –  tcaswell Feb 7 at 23:05
Annotate sounds perfect! I was not aware of this feature, I will look into implementing it, thanks! –  mrdst Feb 10 at 21:58
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Following up on tcaswell's comment, something like this might work for you?

df = pd.Series(np.random.rand(180), index=pd.date_range(start=pd.datetime(2000, 9, 1), periods=180, freq='D'))
xmas_date = pd.datetime(2000, 12, 25)

myax = df.cumsum().plot()
ylims = myax.get_ylim()
myax.vlines(xmas_date, ylims[0], ylims[1])
myax.annotate("Xmas", xy=(xmas_date, ylims[1]), 
              xytext=(-12, 5),
              textcoords='offset points')


enter image description here

This is a fragile solution because I've manually set a single date to annotate but it should be pretty easy to wrap that code in a function and call it for every date you're interested in.

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