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This is my first attempt with Facebook App.

I want to create a simple test, a canvas page that uses the PHP SDK to get some permissions from the users... like the emails and publish_actions.

After something like 2 hours trying to set up my App and following these OFFICIAL tutorials I get that I need SSL certificates to let my canvas app work.

Now I have 2 questions:

1) It's me or the documentation doesn't speak about SSL!? In the previous tutorials I haven't find a word about SSL... I get to know this information here on Stackoverflow.

2) At this point I've a big doubt. Is it true? Do I need SSL to create Facebook Apps? The Secure Canvas URL field has to be filled to ask user for permissions/auth ?


At the moment my App works locally using MAMP PRO. This is enough to learn how to play with Facebook Apps.

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Yes you need SSL because for security reasons Facebook forces everything under HTTPS. Additionally you need a real certificate. If you use self signed certificate you will end up having problems with IE.

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