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In Perforce P4V, I'd like to do a search for all changelists that have files from a particular set of folders, that all have "index" in the folder name, and also have another folder at the beginning. For instance, I want to see all changelists against any files in folders like these:



so basically any folders that match the pattern


But this doesn't appear to work. Any ideas? Also is there any detailed information on using perforce wildcards online? I was not able to find a whole lot. This must be something that lots of people need to do...

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I use both P4V on Windows and I use the 'p4' command line client on Linux. What you're asking for actually uses two Perforce client commands:

  • p4 changes
  • p4 describe

On P4V specifically, this is done under the menu option View->Submitted Changelists (Ctrl+2). This should open a tab for searching. In the Folder/file input field, type a path expression, like this:


When I run this against my depot, I get a list of changelists. When I click on a changelist, it expands to a list of files. The files matching the pattern *.html are in normal font weight/color, and the non-matching files are "greyed out". Does that make sense?

Similarly, and more specific to your question/usage, you can use a wildcard to say "all files with index at the beginning of their name", as so:


Now just to compare, run it again but remove the "/index.*" from the path expression. Now what you'll see are all of the submitted changelists under the depot path - not just the ones that contain html files. Additionally, all files will appear in normal font weight/color.



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Thanks! It turns out that I was running an older version of P4V. Now that I've got the latest version, everything works as you described. – Sylvia Jan 29 '10 at 18:28

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