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Rails database tables usually have timestamps (created_at and updated_at) and, as of rails 4, all timestamp columns have NOT NULL constraints. Therefore, all factories must specify values for said timestamps. How can I specify an attribute common to all factories, without repeating myself?

Something similar was discussed in issue 564.

I could use instance_eval like this:

module SharedFactoryBits
  def self.timestamps
    Proc.new {
      created_at { Time.zone.now }
      updated_at { Time.zone.now }

# spec/factories/banana_factory.rb
FactoryGirl.define do
  factory :banana do
    instance_eval &SharedFactoryBits.timestamps

# spec/factories/kiwi_factory.rb
FactoryGirl.define do
  factory :kiwi do
    instance_eval &SharedFactoryBits.timestamps

but it's not very legible.

I am using:

gem 'factory_girl_rails', '~> 4.2.1'
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Are you sure you need to specify the timestamps? Even though they are fields with NOT NULL constraints, their absence does not affect validation, as Rails applies those at the time of insert or update. I don't have them specified on any of my Rails 4 apps, and those factories all pass a validity test.

Is your question about other common attributes, or are you specifically concerned with timestamps? If it's the latter, I think you can skip all this work.

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Thanks. Yeah, I was only concerned with timestamps, and it looks like I don't need them in my factories. I had a failing test telling me that the not null constraint of a created_at column was violated, and I thought it was the factory's fault, but that was a red herring. –  Jared Beck Feb 9 at 1:27

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