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So I have a string arraylist with values

    ArrayList<String> urls = new ArrayList<String>();

and the users input as a String

    EditText iSearchValue = (EditText) findViewById(R.id.iQuestion);
    String sSearchValue = iSearchValue.getText().toString();

Now my question is, how do I loop through the length of the ArrayList to check if any value in the array contains what the user inputted in the sSearchValue String.

I looked in the documentations and guides but I am still kind of confused, having a solid example related to what Im doing would help my understanding a lot! Thank you!

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Try with this code:

for(String s : urls)
    if(sSearchValue.contains(s) == true)
        // do something
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Just a question, what is String s? Is it just an example and Im supposed to replace it with something? If so, what am I supposed to replace it with? –  user3285864 Feb 7 '14 at 23:27
That is not a normal for loop. It is a for each loop so String s is a String which is changing each time the loop restarts. The loop goes throught every item from your ArrayList. –  Cilenco Feb 7 '14 at 23:36

You could even use a guava library and use predicates to search through the list without looping.


class SearchForString implements 

// create constructor here and pass search string
// initialize the searchstring local variable with     the parameter passed in the constuctor

 // override the method here
// inside the method
// return value

    return stringVar.equals(searchString);

Call the predicate like this:

String value = Iterables.find(arraylistofstring, new SearchForString(searchstring), null);
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