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I have a stored procedure that returns a scalar value, I mapped it in the entity model, created an imported function, however it wasn't add into the context class. So I was not able to found how to call it from C# code.

Thanks in advance, Carlos Loth.

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In EF 1, it's a little involved.

In EF 4, this is directly supported.

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This is 2013, with EF Beta 6 AND STILL, we cannot achieve this. Different to what ^ Craig ^ Responded, you can get a "COLLECTION" of thingies rather than the thingy itself. They DID change this in EF 5 (WARNING: snarky comment comming), they changed the UI to say "Returns a Collection Of".

As UGLY as it may seem, I sometimes create EF_SP_foo wrappers that all they do is a "SELECT" for the scalar value and return it with a Standarized name "Result"

    @ID bigint
      DECLARE @newID bigint
EXEC @newID = SP_foo @ID

      SELECT @newID AS Result  -- I really hate this part
  • UPDATE * Although, if you DON'T specify Return type, it will be treated as an INT function (used mainly for rowcounts or State IDs to return I suppose)
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