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I am trying to compare a variable in db 2 sp using like, however it always goes to the else part of the statement, can someone correct the syntax is the part of the code

  IF(@variable like '%abc') THEN
set @anotherVariable='abc';
  ELSEIF (@variable like '%def') THEN
set @anotherVariable='def';
  ELSEIF (@variable like '%def') THEN
set @anotherVariable='def';
set @anotherVariable='xyz';

This code is part of a cursor, query always returns 1 value, however my comparison is not working(incorrect syntax?), it always goes to the last else as if it never was able to match. I know that value is there but its not comparing in this manner...Thanks

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What are some sample values of the variable? (including any spaces) – WarrenT Feb 8 '14 at 9:11
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Are you writing SQL-PL code? Because variables are referenced directly by its name, not preceded by the '@' sign.

Another thing is that you are using the like operator outside a query. 'Like' is not a function, it is a predicate:

Instead, you can use a 'case' in the select and then return the corresponding value. In that way you do not need to do an 'if-else':

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Yes, I changed the query and used case statement instead...I had thought of this earlier but for some reason was stuck in the cursor mindset..Thanks – user1063108 Feb 11 '14 at 22:23

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