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I have 2 question.

This query is for display script store procedure as create to query

Query :

  Select object_definition(object_id) from sys.objects
  where type_desc in ( 'SQL_STORED_PROCEDURE') 

I can display script of all store procedure.

Question 1 : I have TestStoreProcedure in store procedures.How can I display for only TestStoreProcedure.How can I use like this :

    Select object_definition(object_id) from sys.objects
  where type_desc in ( 'SQL_STORED_PROCEDURE')  and ??? =TestStoreProcedure 

Question 2 : How can I use this query for tables or for defined table ?

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EXECUTE sp_helptext proc_name   --<-- Without schema name
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This is not usefull.It gives many rows.But my code gives a row for a sp –  user3107343 Feb 8 '14 at 1:13

I solved for tables(create script of defined table name)

 declare @vsSQL varchar(8000)

 declare @vsTableName varchar(50)

 select @vsTableName = 'tblLocation'

 select @vsSQL = 'CREATE TABLE ' + @vsTableName + char(10) + '(' + char(10)

 select @vsSQL = @vsSQL + ' ' + sc.Name + ' ' +  st.Name +

 case when st.Name in ('varchar','varchar','char','nchar') then 

 '(' + cast(sc.Length as  varchar) + ') ' else ' ' end +

 case when sc.IsNullable = 1 then 'NULL' else 'NOT NULL' end + ',' + char(10)

 from sysobjects so

 join syscolumns sc on sc.id = so.id

 join systypes st on st.xusertype = sc.xusertype

 where so.name = @vsTableName

 order by


 select substring(@vsSQL,1,len(@vsSQL) - 2) + char(10) + ')'
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Just for completeness, to restrict the output of OBJECT_DEFINITION you would do

SELECT OBJECT_DEFINITION(object_id) From sys.objects where name='TestStoredProcedure'
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