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I want to be able to accept drops on my app's dock icon from files, URLs, and text. Since files (public.file-url) are a subtype of URL (public.url), I added just two Services entries to my Info.plist:

  Item 0 (processURL)
    Instance method Name = processURL
    Send Types
      Item 0 = public.url
      Menu item title = Process URL
  Item 1 (processString)
    Instance method Name = processString
    Send Types
      Item 0 = public.plain-text
      Menu item title = Process Text

Then I made my -applicationDidFinishLaunching call [NSApp setServicesProvider: self], and wrote a couple methods (-processString:userData:error and -processURL:userData:error) there in my application delegate. The app icon now accepts drops of all three types. In the -processURL:... method, it's easy to check if it's a local file or not, so that handles both of those cases.

One case still eludes me, though. When I try dragging a window's proxy icon to the app, it highlights the icon as if it can accept the drop, but then my method isn't called.

I tried dropping proxy icons from Xcode, Terminal, Preview, and some third-party apps: none would call my services method. But strangely, a proxy icon dropped from the Finder worked fine.

I tried changing public.url to public.item (the base type of the physical hierarchy), but my method is still not called for non-Finder proxy icons.

When the Finder successfully drops a proxy icon on my app, the pboard -types it provides are:

  • "public.file-url",
  • "CorePasteboardFlavorType 0x6675726C",
  • "dyn.ah62d4rv4gu8y6y4grf0gn5xbrzw1gydcr7u1e3cytf2gn",
  • NSFilenamesPboardType,
  • "dyn.ah62d4rv4gu8yc6durvwwaznwmuuha2pxsvw0e55bsmwca7d3sbwu",
  • "Apple URL pasteboard type"

I tried using each of these directly as the "Send Types". "public.file-url" and "NSFilenamesPboardType" highlight the icon as if it'll accept the drop, but don't. The others, unsurprisingly, don't even highlight the dock icon.

I can't find any reference to proxy icons having a different UTI than normal files. Do they? That would be weird.

I know this must be possible, because I can drag proxy icons from any window onto a Terminal window. What am I missing?

UPDATE: From an NSView, if I -registerForDraggedTypes including "public.url", I do get drops of proxy icons from all apps, with exactly the same -types list as from the Finder, listed above. So it's clearly something special to receiving drops via the dock icon. This should still be possible somehow: you can drag a proxy icon from a (non-Finder) window (e.g., an .xcworkspace from Xcode) onto the Terminal dock window, and it catches that just fine.

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What are proxy icons? – El Tomato Feb 8 '14 at 2:34
Did you manage to find a solution for this problem? – iphaaw Aug 1 '15 at 8:47

If you implement dragging files to your dock icon using application:openFile: in your NSApplicationDelegate, then dragging proxy icons should work too. The trick to accepting all files is adding a Document Type with extensions of '*'.

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