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I'm trying to make an isosurface be colorized by pretty much anything. The details don't matter, but at the moment it's a single-color green blob. I've tried using isocolors, and the best I could get was that the whole thing turned a shade of teal instead.

green blob of indeterminate shape

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Huh. And I found something.

Before I had used this command (all variables are 21x21x21 matrices)

isosurface(X,H,R,DX_DT, 0)

What worked was

isosurface(X,H,R,DX_DT, 0, ones(21,21,21).*0:20)

Basically, calling

isosurface(x,y,z,val, iso, col)

I had avoided trying that because I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to format col. Were it supposed to be 3 dims, for RGB? Turns out you just need different values there, and Octave will scale them to span the whole color space, whether they go from 0-1 or 1-100.

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