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I have a basic facebook application that allows users to post to a fanpage. Starting a few days ago users began getting the following error:

[error] => Array ( [message] => An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later. [type] => OAuthException [code] => 2 )

After some testing I found that I could resolve this error by removing the "actions" parameter from the post.

$msg_body['actions'] = array( array( 'name' => 'DineLogiK', 'link' => 'http://www.dinelogik.com' ) );

Interestingly the post will actually go through successfully with the link displayed even though it throws an error.

enter image description here

Any ideas why this would be causing an error?

$postResult = $facebook->api($post_url, 'post', $msg_body);

Here is the facebook bug report https://developers.facebook.com/x/bugs/644446512269268/

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Same issues here, since a couple of days ago.

According Facebook Platform Status https://developers.facebook.com/status/

20 hours ago Platform API errors and increased latency

21 hours ago API Issues

21 hours ago Platform-wide issues

I've just confirmed that action links cause the issue.

It's a Facebook bug, I've just reported it: https://developers.facebook.com/x/bugs/575996609160973/

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