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There is a bmp image just as shown the first picture bellow, and its information is list as the second picture bellow. But when display with plt.imshow() function of matplotlib on IPython-notebook, it has the wrong color, just as the third picture bellow. So can I know the reason?

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

The original file has shared at dropbox https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26518813/test2.bmp

And the code to show image on IPython-notebook is:

%pylab inline --no-import-all
from PIL import Image
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Can you include the original .bmp and all your code? So we can download and try with it... –  G M Feb 8 at 9:29
@GM the file and the code has pasted above. –  Honghe.Wu Feb 8 at 11:29

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This happen because you are actually plotting the image as matrix with matplotlib.pyplot. Matplotlib doesn't support .bmpnatively so I think there are some error with the default cmap. In your specific case you have a grayscale image. So in fact you can change the color map to grayscale with cmap="gray".

from PIL import Image
img= Image.open(r'./test/test2.bmp')

Note you have to set vmin and vmax if you want to reproduce the same luminance of your original image otherwise I think python by default will stretch to min max the values. This is a solution without importing PIL:


Alternatively you can use PIL to show the image or you can convert your image to a .png before.

If you want show the image with PIL.Image you can use this:

from PIL import Image
img= Image.open( r'./test/test2.bmp')

Note if you are using I-Python Notebook the image is shown in a new external window

Another option is to change the mode of the image to 'P' (Palette encoding: one byte per pixel, with a palette of class ImagePalette translating the pixels to colors). With .convert and then plot the image with matplotlib plt.imshow:


enter image description here

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on my IPython-notebook, img.show() cant get anything showed on browser. –  Honghe.Wu Feb 8 at 13:44
@Honghe.Wu I've edit the answer try with the second method... –  G M Feb 8 at 14:12
But the image is distorted. Thanks! –  Honghe.Wu Feb 9 at 1:20
@Honghe.Wu This is not my case (see image) what browser and operating system are you using have you try with python shell? What's happen? –  G M Feb 9 at 10:21
Ubuntu Server runs IPython-notebook as backend. Thanks. –  Honghe.Wu Feb 9 at 11:34

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