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Someone can tell me how to get the client ip of a connected session from the server side?.


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procedure TMyDSService.DataSnapServerConnect(DSConnectEventObject: TDSConnectEventObject);
  Conn: TIdTCPConnection;
   Conn := TIdTCPConnection(DSConnectEventObject.ChannelInfo.Id);
   Trace('Client ' + Conn.Socket.Binding.PeerIP +':' + IntToStr(Conn.Socket.Binding.PeerPort));
   Trace('Client info: ' + DSConnectEventObject.ChannelInfo.Info);
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DSConnectEventObject.ChannelInfo.Info always return the IP address of server, is this a bug or i`m missing something ? db.tt/lmRoqD2 –  Alin Sfetcu Aug 29 '10 at 0:33

You query the Request.RemoteAddr to get the ip address of the attached client.

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RemoteAddr is a method of TWebRequest, I think it's not accesible in Datasnap. –  Francis Lee Jan 30 '10 at 11:30

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