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 cur.execute('UPDATE newslib SET (keyword1) = %s WHERE id= %s' % m_k1,row[0])

I use psycopg2 to execute this SQL statement. m_k1 and row[0] are two variables I want to pass into the statement.

This triggers the following error message:

TypeError: not enough arguments for format string

I’ve been looking for solutions online, but I can’t fix it.

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You need to pass the substitutions as arguments to execute. The way you have it written now you have specified two place holders, but did not provide their values, instead you are parsing them in the query itself.

cur.execute('UPDATE newslib SET (keyword1) = %s WHERE id= %s' , (m_k1,row[0],))
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Pass the parameter as a sequence (instead of multiple individual values). And use parameters argument instead of formatting sql yourself.

cur.execute('UPDATE newslib SET (keyword1) = %s WHERE id= %s', [m_k1,row[0]])
#                                                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

See Cursor.execute

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